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Barriers to Destiny

The Book of Deuteronomy is the Book of Remembrance, because here Moses chronicled the history of the children of Israel’s journey from the Red Sea into and through the wilderness, and ascension into the promise land. Read Deut.1:1-2.

The Holy Spirit gave me the name of the Book of Deuteronomy as the BOOK OF DESTINY. To you and IT IS THE SEASON OF DESTINY, which is taking possession.

There can be no destiny without a destination, and there can be no destination without a plan. When God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, he had a plan for them. Ex.3:7-8, Gen.15:13-14; Ex.12:12-13; We have a purpose, God got the plan. God’s plan is to take you to your place of destiny, but most of us do not know what His plan is, and we are attempting to achieve our destiny ourselves. See Jer.29:10-11, Gen 37:1-9; Dan. 1:1-7; Dan. 2:46-49

WHAT IS DESTINY? Gen. 41: 37-45

Destiny is a place of actualization; a place of fulfillment; a place of rest, joy and peace; a place where nothing is missing and nothing is broken; destiny is the place where you are in tight embrace with your purpose. 1 Sam.22:1; Gen.41:38-57; 42:1-9; A place of honor, elevation and glory

But is it possible that the dream or destiny of Joseph, like most of us would have been killed, aborted, diverted or stopped? Thank God for Joseph, he achieved his purpose and fulfilled his destiny, but it was not so for his successors the children of Israel. There were barriers, impediments and obstacles that they encountered along the journey to the Promised Land, and a journey that would have only lasted two weeks, lasted forty years.
We are seeing our destiny through the eyes of the children of Israel’s experience.

What were some these barriers to the children of Israel that thwarted their destiny and fulfillment?

Some the barriers include, but not limited to:

The Spirit of Wandering (secondary to disobedience, fear, intimidation).

  • Curse
  • People
  • Fleshly appetite

God’s plan was to take them into their destiny in 14 days. Deut.1:6-8. There are always two kinds of people: Sons & daughters of destiny and sons 7 daughters of wandering.

God never planned for His children to wander. But in the plan, it requires the children of Israel to step up, and match forward and possess the land under the leading and direction of the Lord but they refused. Deut.1:20-40.

Their refusal opened the door to their wandering. Deut.2.1-3. Why? Because of Fear. Fear releases the spirit of indiscipline, and the spirit of indiscipline opens the door to rebellion and rebellion opens the door to wandering.

What is a Wandering spirit? It is a mind-set; it is a circle of living, where you are going somewhere, but going nowhere. You keep doing the same thing over and over, and over again, that is not making sense or moving to your place of purpose. It is a state of wasting away. Wandering can affect all facets of life: spiritual, marriage, family, health, ministry, finance, etc.

When Satan wants to thwart, frustrate and hinder your efforts and mess up your destiny, he will send a wanderer into your life or ministry.

There are three kinds of wandering:
1.Wandering by choice. This is the kind of wandering where the individual enters by his/her choice or own making. You hear God’s voice, you know what he has commanded and what he has directed, yet you make your own decision to look away and go another direction. Nu.14:26-29. God told them, by your own mouth, I will judge you; by what you say, I will approve. You choose to wander, so be it. Nu.14:28.

2.Wandering by Generation. This is the spirit of wandering that goes on from one generation to another. Nu.14:32-35. It is an unending circle among the family. Nu.14:38; Deut.2:13-14;

3.Wandering by Church. Many Churches and spiritual leaders are wandering in the wilderness. Imagine Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, all these men wandered along with the children of Israel in the wilderness. Deut.1:35-40


1.Procrastination. Wanderers always put off for tomorrow what they can do today.

2.Waste. Nu.14:32-33; The word waste means to worn out, to rot, and wear away or off; it means losing your beauty without attracting or using the purpose of beauty; it is losing your strength investment opportunities and achieving nothing before your time runs out, money, energy, spirit and beauty waste away. Waste away means purposeless living; it is achieving nothing of value that adds to your destiny; waste away means living a senseless life; wanderers are anointed to waste people.

3.Confusion. Wanderers are often confused, Fearful and Lack vision