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THE CORE. The HUMAN Spirituality.

Ignore human spirituality, and face the worst catastrophe that will ever be known to the human race. Isolation is a positive strategy in isolation of a greater unseen threat. “The Spirit (conscience) of man is the lamp of the Lord, Searching and examining all the innermost parts of his being,” Proverbs 20:27 AMP.

The Core, the progenitor of Faith, Courage, Vision, Wisdom, Dream, resilience, Empathy, Sympathy, Fortitude, Love, Joy & Quest for the Devine, has been the builder and sustainer of any known civilization. Great scientific discoveries, including the cure for the COVID-19 virus, being pursued, stems from the prowess of the human Spirit. Man’s depraved mind (desperate rejection of the existence of the Spirit) shuns all responsibility and accountability to the Devine, GOD.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a revisit of what a society or nation values the most. No wonder the pandemonium. It is like reverse osmosis. Educating the masses of the deadly virus has become propaganda, and the benefactors are the gentlemen and ladies of the press. The human soul has been thrown underneath the bus. It has not been spared, and buckling under the weight is the human will, the human emotion, and the human intellect. The combustion chamber is set to fry the Human Spirit. All we see is the Protection of the human body as foremost. But the human mind and the Spirit are ignored. No doubt about it, one affects the other. If the body is infected, it impacts the mind, and eventually, the spirit succumbs if not properly treated. But the truth of the matter is, the human support system starts with His Spirit, which empowers the Soul and gives impetus to the Senses. A Call to Prayer is the catalyst. It is an aching platform for the Spirituality of a Nation, which itself releases Faith, Courage, Vision, Wisdom, Dreams, Resilience, Empathy, Sympathy, Fortitude, Love, Joy, to wage a good warfare and provides the basis for counteracting the COVID-19 Forces.

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