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Daily Life 4


People’s Dreams
Genesis 41:15-43

A CALL that unlocks your blessings
JOSEPH was called out of prison to interpret Pharaoh’s dream (Gen.41:14). The interpretation he gave impacted the life of Pharaoh upon which Joseph had his dream fulfilled. (Gen.37:5-9). As you unlock people’s dreams, visions, ministry, hopes, and aspirations, you shall unlock yours this year; it is a call; it is an assignment. Gen.

KINGDOM Impact. Matthew 6:28-31;
Your blessings, increase, and next-level is rooted in the call or assignment God has placed upon or burdened you. (Matthew 11:29-30). That is what the Lord Jesus has been trying to make us understand all these while. Your mortgage payment, house purchase, healing, childcare, fruitfulness, protection is in His kingdom. The lifestyle, ways of thinking, teaching, worship, obeying God, paying your tithe, holy living, showing love, helping others. As you seek these first (rob yourself in His will, righteousness), shall unlock the kingdom door to all the things you desire in life and seek.

Apostle Peter. Before his calling unlocked, he labored that night along with his fellow fishermen and colleagues and had caught nothing. Retired and disappointed from the business of the day and washing his nets in preparation for the next trip, here comes the Lord Jesus (Lk.5:1-3) and said, “Lend me your boat, I want to use it to minister to this crowd here.” We read what happened after that.

Your Dream Fulfillment & Impact Is in Someone Else’s.
Who will ever believe that Ruth will ever smile again, talk less of Naomi?
Who will ever think that Ruth will be happy, be married to a wealthy, caring, and loving husband, and become the great, great grandmother of King David and then the Lord Jesus, just by her love and care for Naomi? Ruth 4:17-22. But see her deeds in


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for touching deep into the soul of our lives, calling, and ministry; that you for unveiling revelations that will impact our destinies and change people’s lives this year; thank you for removing from our lives selfishness and self-centeredness, and opening our eyes and see our fortunes in other people’s destinies;
  2. Father in the name of Jesus, help us seek and unlock your dream and ministry, and as we do, let the blessings like flood pour down from heaven. Malachi‬
  3. Father in the name of Jesus, make us good interpreters of dreams and visions and grant us grace doing it tirelessly and graciously, whether it is with our marriage, children, families, ministry, business, cities, nations, etc. Gal.6:9;
  4. Father in the name of Jesus, open our eyes to see the connection with timing and season with our work of unlocking other people’s dreams and visions. We step out from any life of regrets and past disappointments and reconnect with your Kingdom spirit and mindset.
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