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What You Should Never Do Regarding Your Marriage

  1. Do not get counsel from individuals that are not married or struggling with their lives or marriage. Ask these questions: have they left their parent’s home; are they happily married; are they financially independent; are they good parents; why qualifies them as marriage counselor?
  2. Do not divulge or discuss your private matters or issues with a third party without the other partner’s consent or approval. Doing so is the assassination of your marriage before the world’s eyes.
  3. Do not neglect your partner’s cry for help or assistance, nor physical or emotional needs; Be sensitive to each other.
  4. Never cheat on your partner.
  5. Do not scream or talk down on your partner. Don’t be verbally abusive;
  6. Never go for days and harbor hatred and hostilities towards the other; Forgive;
  7. Never put a stumbling block on your partner’s dreams, vision or Ministry.
  8. Never dominates conversations at all times with your partner.
  9. Never take an uncompromising stance on matters that are sensitive in nature and affect your partner’s interest, if it does not violate the Lord’s will or commandments.
  10. Do not be physically abusive to your partner. Never lay hands for whatever reason;
  11. Never call the cop on your partner, except it is a life-threatening situation.
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