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Understanding the Marriage

There are about 29 reasons and probably more that give flavor and juice to marriage that those involved or not can say makes it a healthy or happy one. Some of these are:
1) caring/kindness; 2) trust; 3) love; 4) support; 5) understanding; 6) security; 7) respect; 8) communication; 9) forgiveness; 10) humility; 11) selflessness; 12) submission; 13) sensitivity; 14) encouragement; 15) responsibility; 16) leading; 17) boundaries; 18) romance; 19) endurance; 20) patience; 21) not soon angry or easily provoked; 22) tolerance; 23) chaste or fidelity; 24) sense of spirituality or devotion to God; 25) compromise; 26) sense of partnership, unity, or bond; 27) friendliness; 28) inspiration; 29) freedom to blossom;

Can happy marriage be seen as healthy marriage? What is a happy marriage in your mind? Some see a happy marriage as a home or a couple living in an atmosphere of serenity, love, respect, peace and quietness, void of any kind of stress, confusion, arguments, and fighting.

What is healthy marriage in your mind? Some see a healthy marriage as a home or atmosphere where there is love, respect, communication, trust, and security.


Let’s now take time to examine types of marriages. We know all types of marriages that are out there in our daily world:

  1. Bigamy marriage–one person having two spouses.
  2. Polygyny marriage–The marriage of one husband to several wives.
  3. Polyandry marriage–The marriage of one wife to several husbands.
  4. Monogamy marriage–The union of one wife to one husband.
  5. Homosexual marriage–The union of a man to a man, or the union of a woman to a woman.

Man has never been as confused in the definition of life as we witness today, and God’s Word points this out correctly in Romans 1:19-22. Let’s read it.

In the United States, the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), also referred to by proponents as the Marriage Protection Amendment), is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution, defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. But this has been changed in almost all the States, where marriage is no longer the union of a man to a woman, but also a union of a man to man and a union of a woman to a woman.

Before we go any further, let’s ask ourselves few questions.

  1. What is marriage?
  2. Who is the author of marriage?
  3. Why did He form marriage?
  4. Why is marriage important in our today’s world?
  5. Is it worth saving?
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